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As ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. KJV Matthew 10:7 -- I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. KJV Matthew 16:19 -- Ye are come … unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, KJV Hebrews 12:22 On my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: KJV Acts 2:18 -- That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. KJV 1 Corinthians 2:5 --

Pastor's Corner


A famous man once said, "Give me liberty or give me death!" That declaration has been the hearts cry of every American since that day. However, what is liberty to a Christian? And why should we also take up this battle cry?

First let me shock you with a statement. Liberty is not synonymous with ‘I get to do whatever I want without anyone telling me what to do". Now, I know, that most people think that is what liberty means. In fact, however, that statement is really an expression of anomia; lawlessness. To say, "I have liberty" is not to say that I am free of law; whether it be man’s law or God’s law. To claim to be FREE is not the same as saying, "and every man did what was right in his own eyes". Scripture attributes that thought to evil men. Liberty IS freedom, but it is not a freedom from rules, authority, headship, leadership, human officials, or government structures (whether church based or theocratically based or politically based.)

When the famous cry, quoted above, was being uttered, it was being spoken in defiance of OPPRESSION! Rulership that has GONE TO FAR puts the people of the realm into BONDAGE. When laws, ideologies, theologies, philosophies, policies, political maneuverings, and manipulations over the peoples (who ARE subjects) goes to far THEN it is time to cry for liberty.

AND GOD UNDERSTANDS THAT HEARTS CRY! When Isreal was oppressed in Egypt, God said, "Let my people GO!". When Israel ended up in bondage to heathen nations — even when it was their own fault for turning against God in sin — God sent judges to SET HIS PEOPLE FREE. God is in the setting people at LIBERTY business. He really does not care HOW you ended up in bondage to a "foreign" power; He wants you to not be oppressed.

Jesus came to Israel on the wings of the Spirit of God, and with the calling of God, and with the anointing of God. His mandate? SET THE CAPTIVES FREE! His methodology? CAST OUT DEVILS! His teaching? BEWARE THE LEAVEN OF THE PHARISEES — who had become the oppressors (both spiritually and governmentally) over the common Israelite. His overall ministry, and ultimate death produced, what? LIBERTY and eternal life.

Yet, we are still BOUND to His Word! And we are still SERVANTS of the Most High. We are still to be disciples who sit at the feet of the MASTER. We are citizens of a kingdom and subject to a King.

We have been set at liberty from: SIN, SATAN, SICKNESS, AND OUR OWN STUPIDITY.

We have been given TRUTH in place of LIES; love in place of fear; heaven in place of hell; pardon in place of condemnation. The Holy Bible, written by our LIBERATOR, has clearly explained the conditions of our RELEASE. We are NOT NOT NOT criminals set on parole — as some evangelical/orthodox teachings try to suggest. We are P.O.W.s who have been rescued from the oppressive, demonically influenced, tyrants of the dictatorial rulership of NATURAL MAN! The flesh, which was directed by the demon wizards behind the curtain, has had it’s fingers broken; its weapons thrown to the ground; its chords cast asunder; it’s wizard slain!

Our battle cry is indeed GIVE ME LIBERTY! But OUR afterthought is AND GIVE ME LIFE!!!
© Anthony J. Massotti Th.M. 12/3/2000

The other day, I was working on a puzzle -- no, not the mental kind, rather the cardboard on the table kind. In that puzzle was a statement – it was after all a puzzle about words. It said Roman soldiers were paid in bags of SALT. The word that was tied to this history lesson (on the board) was SALARY. Wages? Payment?
In my mind I jumped! Why was THAT exciting to me? Well, I know that over time I have heard a lot of sermon segments wherein we, the saints, were equated to being salt. The scripture does say ‘Ye are the salt of the earth’. Usually, that was then explained as to its use as a preservative for foods, its necessity for retaining water, and it being a flavorful substance. I have heard of how we saints are supposed to be (behave) like salt; help people, flavor life, and hold the Holy Spirit. I, also, have heard the warnings about "don’t loose your savor (flavor)" or else you are of no use to anyone. Well, all that is okay, of course, but not EXCITING. Seeing the link between SALT and SALARY-- now THAT excited me in my spirit.
A roman soldier was basically a paid mercenary. Often, he was in the job for the spoils of war. He served the empire but he also served himself. His payment in salt had to be VALUABLE or else he could not exchange it for other commodities that he really wanted. If his salt lost it’s taste, and, often, salt was his only SALARY, then HE WAS BROKE! The salt was thrown on the ground; WORTHLESS!
YE ARE SALT! That is another way of saying YOUR ARE VALUABLE. You have great worth! Your are greatly esteemed by the owner. God owns you. Wherever you go, you are HIS SALT – costly – He is using to conduct business. We so often talk about the value of the blood of Christ; yet it is not the medium of exchange God uses to conduct business on Earth. We have all heard how valuable the anointing oil is, but that oil is poured upon people and falls to the ground. It is not kept as the primary medium of exchange. SALT IS A BARGAINING CHIP. Salt is payment. Salt is blessing. You! Blessing!
There is an old cliché I have heard. It says, ‘he is worth his weight in salt’. What a thought! I know how much I weigh, but am I that valuable? You can just hear Simon saying to Jesus, "I’m not worth that much, boss". Yet Christ called Simon: PETER – a rock. You might say that in God’s eyes he was ROCK SALT. There are a million things that can be done with rock salt! None of it’s uses is ‘worthless’. Furthermore, you always protect your salt (in vessels), you use your salt SPARINGLY (lest you run out of it), and you never, ever, give up your salt to someone for a cheaper product! In the Old world only fools ignored salt. Today we disrespect salt. Today we disrespect Christians. To God, however, you are too valuable; He will not give you up for "nothing". He will, however, USE you up. And that is okay too, because that is of value to Him too. Accept who you are to God. Let Him show forth His riches for the world to see.
© Anthony J. Massotti Th.M. 12/10200


Original Quote by Pastor Anthony The noose gets loose when the goose gets cooked well done
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