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As ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. KJV Matthew 10:7 -- I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. KJV Matthew 16:19 -- Ye are come Ö unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, KJV Hebrews 12:22 On my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: KJV Acts 2:18 -- That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. KJV 1 Corinthians 2:5 --

Pastor's Corner
A rainbow has many colors; which is caused by many atmospheric conditions coming together to form that beauty. A cake is made up of many ingredients which must come together in just the right combination (and climatic conditions) in order to become the perfect culinary pleasure. And the human body is alive because of itís many parts which work so perfectly together. The Creator has made all things to have complexity and perfect harmony. It testifies of His glory!
What happens if you take away even one item from any of these perfectly synchronized creations? Death, decay, or disappearance is the result. Without rain or sun, the rainbow is gone. Without an organ functioning correctly a person dies. Leave out the egg in a cake and the goo becomes no longer consumable. No pleasure, no beauty, no life, and no glory to God are the final consequence of the loss of even a single element.
Now consider for a moment your spiritual existence; which God has so graciously offered to you. He has clearly told you what components need to be nurtured in order for you spirit-life to become glorious. Firstly, He said you must abide in His Word. He said that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Secondly, He said that you must pray in your closet; that your Father would reward you openly for what you do privately in that place. Thirdly, He said that you must resist the devil, and cast out devils; if you do so, then they will run away. Fourthly, He said that you must become of one mind, and one heart with the family of God; if you do, you will receive more of the Spirit of God. Fifthly, He said that you must learn to live in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit; so that you can have the fruits of the Spirit. Sixthly, He said that you must zealously seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit which He so eagerly wants to distribute; the best gifts are yours for the asking. This one is so that you will be Spirit led. Lastly, He said that you must bear fruit, and you must double your talents. You must work for Him while it is yet day; and that He will reward you if you do.
If these factors all come together in ONE human being the result is GOD MANIFEST IN FLESH! You see the sum of the parts is ALWAYS something not seen until the parts are complete and in harmony. A rainbow is the PRODUCT of all itís elements. A cake is so called because it is no longer just flour! And a human life is NOT ALIVE if the soul is gone! Even so, the glory of God IN YOU cannot be seen if you ignore any one aspect from the list of spiritual essences which you must fashion into your character. In order to show forth the LIGHT, you must first become a complete LAMP. Quickly assemble the parts that you have forgotten (or neglected) AND WATCH THE GLORY OF GOD FALL!
© Anthony J. Massotti Th.M., Th.M. 3/7/1999

A picture paints a thousand words" - Famous Quote
And God said within His heart: How can I let them know that I love them? How can I possibly communicate the depths of my thoughts to them? I created them and they deserted me; but I hold no grudge. I gave them life and a world of goodness, but they gave themselves and my creation over to the vile, wrathful, cherub who rebelled against me. Yet I hold them no malice for they knew not what they did! I offered them perfection, long life, and myself; however, they fell for the salesmanís pitch and never read the fine print. Yet, I still would give them all the goodness that I can. They grieved me, quenched me, provoked me, and tried my patience; yet I want to suffer with them a little longer. I cannot but love them, but I cannot convince them to come home. What shall I say? What words can I write to convince them? What messenger can I send that they will believe?
And God sat in silence to decide His action. Then the idea, the logos, struck! Then the plan took shape in His heart. And He could not but begin to create the picture. He knew exactly what it would take; and He knew exactly what the Image must look like. Words were not enough! He had to SHOW his creation how He felt, what thoughts He had in His inner heart. It had to be expressed clearly and in graphic detail! Words were too limiting. He would have a SON!
And what a glorious son he would be! He would be like His first son, yet never fall away. He would be a perfect son, who loved Him with all his heart. He would be a good son, who could stand tall in the face of all that was thrown at him. He would be a son who could demonstrate what the response to His enemy should have been. And he would be a son willing to lay himself down in death in order to show that NO ONE ELSE HAD TO DIE!
He would begin the scene with POWER AND GLORY - to show the world His own heart toward man. He would then paint the scene with blood, and death; darkness and earthquake; and let His son show forth the best attributes any soul could show. And He would end the scene with BEAUTY FOR ASHES, resurrection for agony, and glorious rule by His side; to show that the way home was open to all who followed in His sonís footsteps! And what God conceived - WAS!
When you look at the cross, what do you see? Do you truly SEE the picture? And when you read HIS STORY (history) are they merely words on a page? Or the moving, heart-churning pageant they are supposed to be? In this case, watching reruns only makes the picture BETTER!
© Anthony J. Massotti Th.M., Th.M. 3/14/1999

Christ with the woman caught in the very act of adultery PROVED two things:
That He did not CONDONE sin, but...
That He did not CONDEMN THE SINNER either.
And is that not the way we should react when we hear about someone elseís SINS AND STUPIDITIES?
Let him/her who is without sin cast the FIRST STONE and all the rest of us SELF-RIGHTEOUS SINNERS will then cast OUR STONES! I think not.
Why did Christ not reiterate the law which says to stone the adulteress? Because if He were going to STONE FOR SIN then He would have to BURN IT ALL DOWN! When gangrene gets to much into a limb of the body, so that it cannot be halted, THEN THE LIMB MUST GO! That is what the LAW OF STONING does ó cuts you off.
But what do you do when you have come to SAVE that which is LOST? Do you EXPOSE AND STONE or rather yield to LOVE which covers a multitude of sins?
Consider this: Jesus Christ was perfect AND HE THREW NO STONES! Why? Because you cannot RESCUE someone with a life raft while simultaneously tying concrete blocks to the drowning person! You cannot offer help with one hand and then SLAP THEM with the other!
If God were to mark iniquity then who would stand? And yet He says: YOU ARE SEATED IN HEAVENLY PLACES. Do you deserve to sit there? And if not, then who are you to FORBID (by your unforgiveness) another Christian to sit there NEXT TO YOU just because you know what 'sins' they have committed recently?
Are you a sin coverer, or a sin hunter? Do you forgive quickly and readily, or would you rather see a little JUSTICE (stoning) doled out?
Are you so sure that calling down fire from heaven upon those who trespass against you is such a great idea and of the RIGHT spirit?
Beware lest you become the Pharisee beating his chest in SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS instead of a true member of the wedding party who dispenses WHITE ROBES of CHRIST'S RIGHTEOUSNESS!
Let GO! The past is GONE! The sins are BURIED! The future is A NEW DAY. Old things have passed away, behold ALL THINGS ARE NEW. Become a NEW CREATURE in Christ; and help everyone else feel like one too! This is the GOOD NEWS!
© Anthony J. Massotti Th.M., Th.M. 3/21/1999


Original Quote by Pastor Anthony First, Faith -- oh ye of little faith; Second, Patience -- oh ye busy about many things; Third, Silence -- until He speaks.
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